Hassle Free HR – Contracts of Employment

A contract of employment is a legal agreement between two parties, the employer and the employee. It sets out what both parties have agreed to, i.e. the terms and conditions of employment. For example, as an employer you will have agreed to pay a rate of pay for a particular number of hours or days of work. You will also have agreed to provide a safe and healthy working environment (in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) etc. In return, your employee will have agreed to attend work each day at the designated start time and to behave in an appropriate manner whilst at work (in line with the code of conduct outlined in your Disciplinary Procedure and other associated rules).

You are now legally required to provide an employee with a contract of employment when they commence their employment with you.

Although a legal document, a contract of employment does not need to be written in confusing legal language. An employee should clearly understand what they are agreeing to and therefore the contract should be written in clear, plain English. Hassle Free HR can help you by producing tailored contracts of employment which are easy to understand and which include all the relevant and appropriate terms and conditions of employment, complying with the requirements of today’s employment legislation.

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