Hassle Free HR – Redundancy Management

When a redundancy situation arises you are legally required to manage the redundancy process in a compliant way. For example, you will need to;

  • consult ‘meaningfully’ with your employees, both collectively and individually, and depending upon how many employees you employ, you may need to comply with specific timeframes during the consultation process
  • investigate other steps that you could take which may prevent redundancies, e.g. short-time working, lay-offs, reduced hours/job shares or sabbaticals
  • disclose specific information relating to the redundancy to appropriate representatives
  • ensure that any selection criteria you have used, for the purpose of selecting employees, is fair, balanced, not directly or indirectly discriminatory and is as objective and measurable as possible
  • ensure that employees are aware of and understand the specific elements of any selection criteria that you use
  • allow employees paid time off work to look for another job or to seek training
  • pay statutory redundancy payments
  • provide employees with an opportunity to appeal against a selection decision

Hassle Free HR can produce a tailored Redundancy Policy for you which will provide you with a compliant framework for managing your redundancy programme in a legally effective way. Alternatively, Hassle Free HR can manage the process for you, conducting consultations and administering the process in line with legislative requirements on your behalf, leaving you free to manage your business!

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