Hassle Free HR – Varying Contract Terms and Conditions

During employment, you may find and believe it necessary to alter the terms and conditions of an employee’s contract terms. Many employers believe they have the power to change a contract without having to discuss this with the employee, but a contract is a contract and employees have the right to reject a change to their terms and conditions of employment, if they so wish! Therefore varying an employee’s contract terms is not as simple as you may think! Whilst many contract changes can be simple and easy to implement, others are not and may occasionally result in a dismissal.

Hassle Free HR can provide you with advice and guidance to ensure any variations or changes to employees’ contractual terms of employment are handled successfully and in a legally compliant way. Not only can Hassle Free HR help you with the consultation process, but we will also be there to answer any of your questions, to help you deal with and manage any employee concerns or objections and to help you navigate your way through the process.

If you would like support with varying the terms and conditions of your employees’ contracts, or just associated advice and guidance, then please contact us on [email protected] to speak to one of our advisors.