Hassle Free HR – Performance Management (Appraisal System)

Do you currently measure productivity/performance per employee? Do you have a formal structured process for providing feedback and identifying training needs? Do you have a process in place to identify low productivity/poor performance? If so, how do you manage it? Do you have a formal, legally compliant, structured approach or do you let your frustrations and emotions rule?

An appraisal system is a process for positively reviewing your employee's job performance and development needs at a set period in time. They are usually conducted once a year but can be carried out more regularly if you wish.

By reviewing job performance you will identify strengths and areas for improvement and development. Identifying strengths will enable you to ensure that these strengths are best utilised within your business. Areas for improvement and development may be required to improve your employee's current job performance or to fulfil their future career aspirations.

Having a structured system in place which will help you to focus on and improve individual job performance will ultimately enable you to improve the overall performance of your business.

Having an appraisal process in place will also improve communication within your business as it will provide employees with an opportunity to talk about their job, to raise any issues or areas of concern, to share their ideas and to discuss their aspirations for the future. It will also help to keep employees focused as you can set them goals which are aligned with your business objectives. Employees who have the ability to regularly take part in honest communication with their superiors are much more likely to be engaged and happy in their employment, again helping their employer to achieve organisational success. 

Hassle Free HR can support you by designing an appropriate process for your business. We will meet with you in order to establish your objectives and what you want to achieve from your appraisal process. We will also provide training for you and your management team in order to ensure you get the best for your business, from your appraisal process.

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